After some positive feedback from one of my regular clients, I decided to write a review for the OSMO gel spray.

So, who is OSMO, then?

A description taken from their website is:


OSMO is a leading UK collection of professional hair care and styling products designed to give stylists the power to create with its diverse and extensive product range.


OSMO products not only perform but create an impactful visual statement in any retail or salon space. The striking packaging, irresistible fragrance, and excellent product performance ensure all clients are satisfied.

I have been using OSMO products for quite some time now, and I even converted my husband to their products!

I talk about my husband’s love for OSMO in my post, where I recommend products for heat protectionSo if you regularly apply heat to your hair, you should definitely check that out.

Osmo Gel Spray was amazing. I was so thrilled with the results. Usually the curl starts to drop by the next morning but this didn’t at all. My hair still felt soft and controlled, in fact the style lasted until it was time to wash it which is very unusual for my hair!

It is definitely going to be a favourite of mine and I would most certainly recommend it!

Osmo Extreme Xfirm Gel Spray Review

Osmo Extreme Xfirm Gel Spray Review

As a hairstylist, I love to try different hair products.

Recently, both my client and I were very excited to be using the OSMO gel spray to curl her hair.

My client has fine, straight hair, and she struggles to keep curls to stay put.

I started the session by washing her hair with OSMO Silverising Shampoo, followed by OSMO Deep Moisture Repair.

I sprayed OSMO gel spray evenly, mid-lengths to ends, and blow-dried in sections to create a good even volume.

Once I finished blow drying, I took small sections and curled them with a set of ghd straighteners.

The curls were amazing, with fantastic shine and hold.

My client was ecstatic!

It is a fantastic feeling to see positive reactions to my work.

Not only was she very happy with the style and product, but when I met with her 2 days after the session, she was absolutely amazed to report the curls were still in and, I must admit, still looking amazing!

This awesome product is for all hair types.

With a non-sticky, fast-drying formula, it adds a glossy shine.

This is a fantastic and professional product for maximum hold, and as an added bonus, it is completely affordable.

Well worth checking out!