Some scenarios are just dreadful, even to the imagination. Picture this: after several attempts, you’ve finally been called for a job interview. It’s not just any job, it is the job of your dreams.

With the nervousness of such situations, you forget to straighten your hair one last time. Unfortunately, you couldn’t carry your hair straightener because it’s too big. Worse yet, you can’t afford a new one.

Deep down, a voice constantly whispers, “first impressions matter.” You’re staring embarrassment straight in the face! But it doesn’t have to be that way. A compact hair straightener should do you good.

The best mini hair straighteners are small and easy to carry around. Their tiny size will not only spare you the burden of weight but will ensure that they stay inconspicuous even if your purse is small.

And some of them pack the most impressive features. Take the Ovonni Mini Travel Hair Straightener, for instance. Its dual voltage mechanism will enable you to power it wherever you go. It works with 110V and 220V, so you’ll only need a plug adapter to power it from a wall socket near you.

That’s just a teaser. Read through our list to discover different brands of mini hair straighteners and the features that make each one stand out.

Five of the Best Mini Hair Straighteners

KIPOZI Hair Straightener Mini 0.5’’

KIPOZI Hair Straightener Mini

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This one just had to make it on the list. Its 0.5-inch width and 6-inch length allow it to slip inside your purse or pocket without causing any damage. But that’s not the best feature, here are some more:

Reasons to Buy the KIPOZI Hair Straightener Mini 0.5’’

  • PTC Ceramic Plates: PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) is a heating technology with enormous benefits. One is that devices that work with this mechanism cool down faster. This makes them safer to use. Add to this the ceramic plates, and the result is performance excellence. Why? Well, ceramic plates heat up faster and uniformly. They also prevent static energy between your hair and the straightener. When static energy is prevented, the hair straightener glides over your hair smoothly. That is precisely what KIPOZI hair straightener mini 0.5’’ does.
  • Short heating time: this hair straightener heats up to 3920F in less than 40 seconds. How about that for speed? That’s primarily down to the ceramic material used. Ceramic conducts heat fast and uniformly.
  • Dual voltage: the KIPOZI hair straightener mini 0.5’’ is dual voltage enabled. That means it is capable of adjusting itself to 100V as well as 240V. With this, you can power it from anywhere in the world. So all you need is a plug adapter and a socket.
  • Lightweight: This hair straightener weighs only 0.14Kg/0.13lb. This makes it suitable for travel. It also spares you the strain your hand often gets while using heavy hair straighteners.
  • Power indicator light: This is important in notifying you whether the hair straightener is on or off. It helps prevent wastage of power and also electrical faults.

FURIDEN Mini Flat Iron Hair Straightener

Mini Flat Iron for Hair Travel

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There’s every reason to include this unit in a list of the best mini hair straighteners. First, it takes a really short time to heat (15 seconds). In a world that moves by fast, you don’t want to be left behind waiting for your hair straightener to heat up. That’s just a teaser, here are more:

Reasons to Buy the FURIDEN Mini Flat Iron Hair Straightener

  • 3D floating ceramic plates: the 3D design of these plates enable them to fit closely with each other. This close-fitting leaves no gap between the plates. When there isn’t any gap between the plates, you can straighten lots of hair with just a single glide. The material of the plates is also of high quality. Ceramics prevents static energy between your hair and the straightener. It also heats up very fast and uniformly.
  • Directional switch: this new design allows you to rotate clockwise when adjusting the salon temperature. The same knob is used to turn the hair straightener on/off. This makes it convenient and easy to use.
  • Two temperature settings: the FURIDEN mini flat iron hair straightener comes with two temperature settings. These are 3550F and 4300F. It is, therefore, compliant with all sorts of hairs. If your hair is thin and soft, the 3550F level will suit you. If you fall into the category of coarse hair, you may have to turn the heat to 4300F. 
  • Dual voltage: this model is dual voltage compliant. In other words, it can adapt to both 100V and 240V. Do you know what that means? You can power it from any location that has electricity. A travel adapter is all that you’ll need.
  • 3600 swivel cord: the ability of the cord to swivel prevents tangling while you use the hair straightener. 

Ovonni Mini Travel Hair Straightener

Ovonni Mini Travel Hair Straightener

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This 7-inch long straightener can go with you anywhere. Its lightweight (7 ounces) makes it even more portable. That small size doesn’t (in any way) compromise functionality. That’s why it cuts 5 of the best mini straighteners.

Reasons to Buy the Ovonni Mini Travel Hair Straightener

  • Ceramic tourmaline plates: Ceramics alone are excellent because they produce negative ions. These ions reduce static energy between your hair and the plates. Tourmaline does the same. Some argue that it counteracts static energy even better than ceramic. When you have both elements in one product, you have absolute smoothness when gliding the plates. In addition, they are good conductors of heat.
  • Small flat irons: this model has miniature flat irons (3/4 inch). This is the perfect size to straighten a bob cut. It is also the ideal size to grip the hairs that typically hide around the nape region. This tiny size of the flat irons makes this model ideal for wearers of bangs. No wonder people with short hair like Ovonni Mini Hair Straightener over most other brands.
  • Short heating time: I bet this feature didn’t surprise you after reading what the plates are made of. The flat irons take only 30 seconds to heat up. This is because the materials that make up the plates (Ceramic and Tourmaline) are both excellent conductors of heat. It is also because the manufacturers understand that time is too precious to be wasted waiting for the hair straightener to heat up.
  • High heat production: this model can heat up to 4100F in 30 seconds. 4100F means that even the toughest of tough hairs are straightened. You need this for your kinky afro.
  • Dual voltage: The Ovonni mini hair straightener has 100 – 240V. This is also called the “universal voltage” because it means you can power it anywhere you go. Couple that with its tiny size, and you have the perfect hair straightener for travel.

FURIDEN Mini Flat Iron for Short Hair

FURIDEN Mini Flat Iron For Short Hair

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If you’re rocking bangs, a bob cut, or some other short hairstyle, this one’s for you. The small size of its plates (2.75 x 0.79 inches) means you have a great grip over it. Enough grip to comfortably get a hold of your short hair.

If you have long hair and you’re wondering where this leaves you, there’s no need for alarm because it still caters to that too. It’s best suited for short hair but can also be used by wearers of long hair.

Reasons to Buy the FURIDEN Mini Flat Iron for Short Hair

  • Short heating time: this model takes only 60 seconds to heat up. The heat is uniformly distributed along with the flat irons. Even flow of heat ensures that the hair strands are evenly straightened.
  • Rounded floating plates: this hair straightener is equipped with rounded floating plates. The roundness of the floating plates allows you to manipulate your hair into various styles. The 3600 swivel cord adds to this effect. You can freely twist your arms to achieve a hairstyle of your choice without the worry of the cord tangling up.
  • Dual voltage: the dual voltage capability of this brand means that you can use it wherever you go. The 100-240 V/ 50-60Hz allows you to power it from anywhere in the world. All you’ll need is a travel adapter.
  • LED light display: the FURIDEN mini flat iron for short hair comes with an LED light display feature. This feature informs you about the power status of the hair straightener (on/off status). Another purpose of the LED light display is to tell you the heat level of the device.
  • Automatic shutoff: The hair straightener shuts itself down after 60 minutes of inactivity. If you forget to turn it off before leaving the house, you don’t have to worry about electrical faults. It also saves power. 

SOLOFISH Mini Hair Straightener

SOLOFISH Mini Hair Straightener

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Without including this one, it would be a shame to have a list of the best mini straighteners. First, its 3D floating plates ensure that you clamp your hair without gaps between the iron flats. This is a crucial feature that prevents you from pulling your hair out. The miniature size is also suitable, especially if you’re always on the go.

Reasons to Buy the SOLOFISH Mini Hair Straightener

  • Small Size: The small size of this hair straightener allows you to walk around with it without distorting the shape of your purse. It is 7.13-inch-long and weighs only 0.14kg – perfect for when you are on the go! The plates’ small size (0.5inch) allows you to clip your short hair easily.
  • PTC ceramic heating technology: PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) technology ensures that the flat irons heat up uniformly. Uniform heating ensures that your tufts are straightened up regularly and evenly. When it comes to cooling down, PTC technology also cools down the plates faster and uniformly. Fast cooling means you can use the hair straightener and store it as soon as you’re done. No accidental burnings with this one.
  • Short heating time: the SOLOFISH mini hair straightener takes only 30 seconds to heat up. PTC technology is responsible for this. With positive temperature coefficient technology, your flat iron heats up faster and uniformly.
  • Ceramic plates: ceramic plates suppress the static energy between your hair and the hair straightener. This allows for smooth gliding of the plates over your hair. Ceramic also conducts heat faster and uniformly compared to other materials. And you wonder why the SOLOFISH mini hair straightener takes only 30 seconds to heat.
  • High temperature: This model heats up to 3920F. With such an enormous temperature, even the coarsest and stubbornest hair straightens.


That’s our list of the best mini hair straighteners. Remember, interviews, dates, and other special events may pop up when least expected, where least expected. Besides, a strong wind can also unfurl your hair. You need one of these to look your best at all times.

Reread the reviews to see which model suits your hair best.