Being a professional hair dresser, I am always being asked so many questions about the hair products I use, and more importantly, the hair products I recommend.

So I created the ‘top 5 Best Hair Straightener‘ list!

It is worth mentioning now that this list is UK based. If you are here from the US (Welcome!) you can check out the top 5 here.

A Hair Straightener is a very important part of your hair dressing arsenal!

With so many choices, it is difficult to pick the right one.

Whether you are looking for perfectly straight hair, a wave or a curl, you need to know the best hair straightener to use.

The list below is (In my opinion) the 5 best straighteners on the market.

I have taken into account:

Product Features

What features do they have? When buying a new set of straighteners, you want them to be feature packed! You want safety, you want a fast heat up time and you want to be able to have settings available for different hair styles!

Ease Of Use

How easy are they to use? Will the cable get in your it even long enough? How far are your fingers away from the hot ceramic plates? You do not want to get a burn.

Some straighteners just do not feel right when using them. You want them to glide through your hair, caressing each strand as it goes!


They have to look the part, right? There is no point in buying a set of straighteners if they look drab. You've gotta style your hair in style!

Safety Features

This is important to me, having left mine on time and time again! Safety features should including a shut of time (Or sleep mode), maybe a heat pad and a protector.

When you are after that luscious, beautifully sleek, gleaming hair….only the best hair straightener will do!

Best Hair Straightener - Top 5

Top Tip!

Always check the temperature for your hair type! More heat can be used on thicker hair.

Number One: Cloud Nine The Original Iron Hair Straightener

Cloud Nine The Original Iron Hair Straightener Best Hair Straightener

Cloud Nine The Original Iron Hair Straightener

  • 20 Seconds To Heat Up
  • 7 Temperature Settings
  • Luxury Carry Case
  • Ceramic Heat Technology
  • Protective Heat Guard

Current Price On Amazon: £139.00

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Cloud 9 - The Original Hair Straightener

The award winning Cloud Nine Original Hair Straightener left my hair perfectly straight with a beautiful shine to it!

Want to know how long they took to heat up? 20………seconds!


If, like me, you tend to leave things right up until the last minute, then these straighteners are worth it. It might only knock a few seconds off from other straighteners….but its a few second more than I would have had.

The ceramic, floating plates are coated with minerals, which have been proven to be kinder to hair.

You have a choice of five different temperature controls, which means they are perfect for all hair types….thick, thin, frizzy or damaged!

The straightener has an auto off feature, which means they remember to turn themselves off as you run out of the door.

Number Two: ghd V Gold Classic Styler

2 ghd V Gold Classic Styler

ghd V Gold Classic Styler

  • Universal Voltage
  • Top Brand
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Smoother Plates
  • Sleep Mode

Current Price On Amazon: Out of stock

ghd V Gold Classic Styler

There are some people that swear by GHD for their hair straightener, and for good reason.

GHD have been creating Award Winning hair straighteners since 2001!

When we used the ghd straightener, it cut my straightening time by nearly 50%.

This versatile straightener is beautifully crafted with a wonderful matte finish, making it look elegant and glamorous.

Aesthetics out of the way, the straightener is an upgrade from previous GHD releases due to its smoother plates, ceramic heaters and a lighter body. So, if you got an arm ache before, it should be easier now!

We have used so many GHD straighteners in the past and rarely do they let us down. To be clear, this straightener DID NOT let us down (Not like the GHD Platinum range!).

With a heat up time of 30 seconds, it is certainly no slouch! It is ready when you are…..or if you are like me, they are ready before you are.

There is no variable temperature control, although it runs at 185º, which is the optimum temperature.


Number Three: L'Oreal Professional Steampod 2.0 Hair Straightener

L'Oreal Professional Steampod 2.0 Hair Straightener Best Hair Straightener

L'Oreal Professional Steampod 2.0 Hair Straightener

  • Ceramic Plates
  • Comb Attachment
  • 5 Temperature Levels
  • High Speed Steam
  • Practical Control Station

Current Price On Amazon: £169.95

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L’Oreal Professionnel Steampod 2.0 Hair Straightener

Seriously, using this hair straightener was a dream come true and delivers exactly what L’Oreal say it does, and more.

I have used so many hair straighteners over time, and none of them have felt this gentle, It felt like it was caressing my hair.

For days after I used them my hair remained straight, smooth and beautifully silky!

This straightener comes with a detachable comb, which is extremely useful because it helps reduce tangling.

These are on the expensive side, but are absolutely worth every single penny.

The only downside is they are a little more bulky if you travel a lot, but that takes nothing away from the product.

Number Four: BaByliss Pro 235 Elegance Straightener

4 BaByliss Pro 235 Elegance Straightener

BaByliss Pro 235 Elegance Straightener

  • 15 Second Heat Up Time
  • Multi Voltage
  • Ionic Tehcnology
  • 25% Longer Plates
  • Three Temperature Settings

Current Price On Amazon: £32.99

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BaByliss Pro 235 Elegance Straightener

If these hair straighteners were an athlete, they would be Usain Bolt! They win the competition for the fastest heat up time....15 seconds!

With 3 heat settings (180°C, 200°C and 235°C), these are a great choice for different hair styles and different hair types. 

Not only do they onyl take 15 sconds to heat up (Did I mention that?) but the Advanced Ceramic Heating system will give you a consistent heat across the plates.

Want curves and waves? No problem....the contoured design gives you the option for creating long lasting curves and waves!

Number Five: KIPOZI Pro Hair Straighteners

5 KIPOZI Pro Hair Straighteners

KIPOZI Pro Hair Straighteners

  • Floating Plates
  • Auto Off
  • Long Cord
  • Adjustable Temperature
  • Dual Voltage

Current Price On Amazon:

KIPOZI Pro Hair Straighteners

The cheapest straighteners on our list! The price is ridiculous....

With an ultra long, rotating cord these straighteners are a breeze to use!

Different hair types and styles are catered for with the adjustable temperature settings (180°C, 200°C and 235°C). You have complete control over these!

They are so easy to use, and the digital LCD will give you all the info you need too. The plate type is Nano-Titanium.

Safety is covered too, with a locking device on the bottom of the straightener!



Being a professional hairdresser, I take pride in my hair and its appearance, which is why it is important for me to know what to look for when choosing hair products.

Even for me, choosing a new set of straighters is no easy task!

You have many choices, ranging from very cheap to very expensive. On the list above, we have a choice for all budgets and all hair types. They are all top rated flat irons!

Do you think we have missed one out? Have you had a bad experience with any of the hair straighters above? Please contact us to let us know.