So you want to have a quiff and you are not sure which products you should be using?

Here we take a look at the exact products my husband uses to style his quiff! There is also a step by step guide to styling your quiff.

Step By Step Guide To Styling Your Quiff + The Best Products To Use

  1. Wash Hair
  2. Towel Dry Hair
  3. Apply Volumizer
  4. Blow Dry
  5. Apply Defining Paste
  6. Style
  7. Hair Spray (Optional)

1. Wash Your Hair

The 1st step is obvious, and applies to most hairstyles – you need to wash your hair!

It is not simply a case of wetting your hair, especially if you have used products the day or night before. Your job in step 1 is to wet your hair, use the correct shampoo, then rinse thoroughly.

When you are applying the shampoo, ensure you massage it into your scalp to cover the entire area.

Repeat the process twice before moving onto step 2.

Product Used

I recommend using a good Detox Shampoo to wash your hair with.

Detox shampoos are specially formulated to gently remove the build up of products from your hair, which will give you a blank canvas to work with!

When you are styling a quiff, the volume is important. If your hair is not thoroughly cleaned correctly, the old products you are using will weigh your hair down which will make it difficult to get the volume you need for your quiff.

2. Towel Dry Hair

As I mentioned in step 1, the key to getting an awesome quiff is volume. Products and water (along with gravity, obviously) weigh down your hair.

Before you apply the product in step 3, you will need to ensure your hair is as dry as it can be without using a blow dryer.

Towel dry your hair until it is ‘nearly’ dry. Ensure there are no clumps of wet hair.

Product Used

Nothing special. All you need is a towel and some rigorous arm movements!

3. Apply Volumizing Product

I can’t emphasize it enough, to get an awesome quiff you need VOLUME!

In this step, simply pump the product twice into your hand and apply it to your hair.

Ensure you cover the entire base of your hair before combing it through. Using a comb, you are sure to spread the product throughout the strand of each hair.

Product Used

You need two things for this step:

1. A comb

It doesn’t have to be anything special, just a normal, run of the mill hair comb will do you fine!

2. Volumizing Product

My husband recommends Big Sexy Hair Blow Dry Gel as the best hair product to get volume for a quiff!

He has also recommends Reuzel Grooming Tonic if you need something a bit lighter. It is a great choice if you want volume for thicker hair. You just need to apply a small amount to the palm of your hands before applying to your hair.

4. Blow Dry

Now that you have applied the volumizing product, you need to blow dry your hair.

The 1st step when blow drying is not to style it while blow drying, it is to actually dry your hair!

Use the hairdryer in one hand while using the other hand to rigorously massage the roots.

Once the hair is a little drier, use your hand to move your hair to the side and dry from the roots upwards. Then flip your hair to the other side and repeat.

Once your hair is nearly dry, use a good hair drying brush to lift the front of your hair upwards. Keep the hair drier close to your hair as the brush lifts it.

If you are struggling to get the required volume, lift the front of your hair up and apply the dryer for around 10 seconds to that area.

The final step during the drying process is to push your hair into shape while using a low-temperature setting.

Only finish the drying process when your hair is completely dry. Any excess water will weight your hair down and it will be difficult to keep the volume for your quiff.

Product Used

You need two things for this step:

1. A hairdryer

You need to us an Infrared Hairdryer to get the best volume for your quiff.

Use heat wisely, you will need to get the hair warm to begin with. Once you have the volume, turn the heat down to help set the hair correctly.

If you suffer from heat damaged hair, there are products that will help.

2. A hair drying brush

A good quality hair brush will definitely help to create extra volume for your quiff. Do not rely on just your hands and certainly do not use a comb!

5. Apply Defining Paste

Ok, so your quiff is now (kind of) in place. You want to apply some product to give it the finish you are after.

You do not need to apply a large amount of the paste, in fact, if you apply too much it will weigh your quiff down and you will lose volume.

Take a pea sized amount from the container and half it. Put the other half back, you won’t be needing that.

Rub the product between your palms to apply heat. Adding heat will make the paste more pliable and will stop you ending up with chunks of hair product in your hair!

Once you have covered your hands, turn your head upside down and apply the product to your hair. Begin at the back of your hair and work your way forwards, applying from the roots to the tips.

Stand up and give yourself a minute if you get a head rush!

Product Used

Having been through a large number of hair products to find the one he likes the most (discarding ones he didn’t like after one or two uses!), the recommendation here is that you use:

American Crew Fibre.

Honestly, I would not like to add up the amount of money he has wasted by getting to this opinion!

The American Crew Fibre gives your hair a matte finish and helps to keep the style in for a long time.

6. Style

After applying the American Crew Fibre you will need to finish off the style by brushing down the unruly bits with a brush or with a hand, whichever works for you.

If you have followed this guide well, you will already have volume and you will already have the style. Now it is simply a case of tidying up the loose ends, so to speak.

Product Used

Just the hair brush is used in this step, unless you can buy an extra hand!

7. Hair Spray If Needed

Having short hair is easy! Even when it is a windy day, it doesn’t move much.

Now that you have a quiff, you will find that it is affected by the weather conditions! If the weather forecast shows the possibility of wind, you might want to apply some hairspray to help keep it in place.

If you do, ALWAYS shake up the can and apply short bursts of spray from around 6 inches away. Ensure you cover the front of your hair.

Using the correct hairspray will ensure your quiff stands up to the test of wind!

If you are going for a messy quiff, leave out the hairspray. You can’t simply run your fingers through your quiff once the spray is applied.

Product Used

Freeze Hold Hairspray is what you need for this step.

As I said above, use short bursts from around 6 inches away and always shake up the can between each spray.

Best Hair Products For a Quiff – Conclusion

Above you will find a guide for creating a great quiff, along with the recommended products for achieving an awesome quiff!

You will need to consider what type of quiff you are looking for. My husband likes a tidy quiff with a matte finish. If you are looking for a shiny quiff, replace the paste with some American Crew Pomade.

The key thing is (I mentioned this a few times!) that you get volume! Getting volume the first time you try is always going to be tough, especially as you are not used to it. Each time you style your quiff, make a mental note of how much product you use and what you were doing during the drying step. Make a small adjustment the next time you style your hair to see if you get an improvement.

My husband has been known to style his hair 3 times before going to work. Yup – every single step on this page! It is only through trial and error that you become skilled in creating your ideal quiff!

Good luck, and if you have any questions, please ask below!